The WireCam (regular) cable cam system is custom designed and custom built in Germany. Our motors combine high performance and low weight while the entire rig runs silently and free of vibrations even under heavy load.

Smooth starts and very slow slides with 0,5 kph up to powerfull rides at a speed of 45 kph.

Our direct drive motors provide ultra-high torque over the full speed range.The WireCam gives  total control over the motion and the shoot in any situation, both with dual operators.

The cable cam is running with our Freefly Mövi  stabilized remote head. A maximum payload of 15kg / 33 lbs gives the user enough capacity to work with cameras from DSLR`s up to the professional filmmaker gear like the RED Epic, ARRI Alexa mini or an Sony HDC P1 and similars

technical specs:

Fly length is up to 300m/984fts with max speed 45kph, but we can fly very soft and slowly as well

maximum pitch angle is 10%

complete weight incl. camera & remote head is 15kg/33lbs

max. camera and lens weigth is 7kg

3 axis full stabilized remote head with wireless FIZ control

the tension of the drivecable is 200kg/440 lbs

we offer a full Hd wireless picture transmission, an intercom system (4wire or 2 wire), monitors and tally.

connections we need:

2 lines BNC (1x program picture, 1x return camera picture)

3 lines XLR (2x intercom for listening & speaking, 1x red light)

1 line of electricity (1x 220 volt Schuko on operator console with own 16 A fuse)

we need approximately 500W of electricity

is something incomprehensible or unclear so please feel free to ask us.